Do You Know Meanings of Your Dashboard Warning Lights?

Every time you start your car, there are symbols on the dashboard. Do you know what they mean? The lights are intended to let you know if there is any problem. The dashboard lights are color-coded. You should read the manual of your vehicle to understand the meaning of each dashboard light. The following are some examples of the common warning light that could appear on the dashboard of your car:

  • Brake system. Whenever the brake system light is on, it could be indicating the brake fluid level is low, there is an issue with anti-lock braking system(ABS). You should stop the car and quickly inspect the brake fluid level.
  • Engine coolant temperature. The warning light indicates that your engine is too hot or the coolant level is low. You should stop the vehicle immediately and check the cooling system to avoid engine damage.
  • Check engine light. It indicates that the engine has a DTC in the engine management system and requires immediate attention.

These are just some of the warning light that could appear on your dashboard. If your dashboard has any problem, then be sure to plan a visit to see us in Staunton, VA!

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