Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance Has Numerous Benefits

Having seasonal vehicle maintenance done on your car is essential for the performance capabilities and life of the vehicle. As colder weather approaches, it is vital to have your car looked at by dedicated technicians.

When its cold outside, the last thing you want is a vehicle breakdown on the road. To prevent something unexpected, have your oil checked and your oil filter changed and have your battery's strength checked. A weak battery will fail quicker in colder temperatures. If the battery is about three years old, it's time to have it replaced. Have your heater and exhaust serviced, and make sure your vehicle's breaks are in excellent working condition. Also, have your tire pressure equalized, and get your tires rotated. If necessary, change to winter tires with gripping tread.

Maintaining your vehicle prevents unexpected breakdowns, extends the life of your car, and will save you money. Call Valley Volkswagen today for an appointment.

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