Keep Your Suspension in Shape with Preventative Maintenance

Your suspension system is an invisible hero that keeps your ride smooth, your control sharp, and your wheels in place. While tough, suspension system parts need occasional checkups, upgrades, and replacements. Which specific parts you may need depends on what kind of suspension system your vehicle has. Some common suspension system options include:

  • Double Wishbone: Double wishbone designs are common, and include springs, shock absorbers, control arms, tie-rods, and bushings.
  • Macpherson Strut: Macpherson struts have springs and shock absorbers on the same unit. This single-body construction saves space and weight.
  • Multilink: Multilink suspensions have multiple mounting and control points on each wheel. This design gives each tire individual vertical freedom of movement.

To ensure that your suspension is at its best, most manufacturers recommend check-ups every 10,000 - 30,000 miles. Pay us a visit today at Valley Volkswagen in Staunton, VA for a quick safety inspection.

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