Many Things Cause Engine Overheating, But Checks Prevent Them

Every vehicle’s engine must have the right balance of coolant fluids and lubricants in order to maintain proper working temperatures. Driving in a place like Staunton presents many stressful situations where a driver can easily become unaware of low levels of these fluids.

Low oil levels in an engine will cause overheating because of the lack of protective barriers in working parts. These barriers prevent friction that results in extreme amounts of heat. Low coolant levels also result in the inability of an engine to regulate itself during long driving periods. Also, whenever an engine experiences extreme heat, it uses a series of sensors to trigger cooling responses. Engines can overheat whenever fluids are low, or sensors are malfunctioning.

If you notice strange emissions from your vehicle after driving, or have not checked important fluids in a long while, overheating could become a concern. A system check in our service center at Valley Volkswagen will reveal any reason for overheating in your vehicle, plus it’s an opportunity to update sensor alignments that are vital to vehicle performance.

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