Signs of Potential Belt or Hose Failure in Your Vehicle

The belts and hoses throughout the engine of your vehicle have to all perform together in order for the cooling system to work flawlessly. Here are a couple warning signs the belts or hoses might be close to experiencing a failure.

The belts of the engine have to power parts that are crucial to the functions of the cooling system. The belts will often make a squealing sound if failing. You can also give the belts a visual inspection for signs of cracking and splitting.

Hoses carry the coolant to those other moving parts, and leaks could result in loss of fluids and overheating. Failing hoses will appear bloated or have soft spots. These hoses will also have rubber that is cracking or brittle in spots.

Don't ignore these warning signs, come bring your car in to Valley Volkswagen and our team will give the belts and hoses a closer inspection.

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