What are Gaskets?

As the parts that are responsible for keeping your vehicle running properly, gaskets can sometimes crack and wear out through a normal course of use. It's important to keep these thin molded and die cut pieces fitting securely between the parts. You want them to stop oil and gases from seeping out.

Gaskets may be constructed of very thin layers of rubber, copper, or steel. They help maintain proper compression as the seal between the cylinder heads and the engine. They also serve to prevent leakage between the cylinders and intake manifold, which keeps exhaust fumes from entering the environment.

When you begin to notice any one of a few possible signs that your gaskets need replacing, such as loss of compression, overheating, or an exhaust leak, you should have your vehicle serviced. We're here at Valley Volkswagen in Staunton, VA to assist you with any of your car maintenance needs.

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