Here are Things That Belong in the Roadside Emergency Kit

These are a few items you will want to keep in the roadside emergency kit.

  • Road flares are excellent for alerting other drivers your vehicle is disabled.
  • In addition to bringing a can of fix-a-flat, be sure to check you have a jack that works, a tire iron for taking off the lugs, and a spare tire that has air.
  • Be sure there are a decent number of tools in the kit.
  • A small empty gas can give you the opportunity to ask for help while you stay with the vehicle.
  • The jumper cables are a must for the roadside emergency kit because it gives any other driver the opportunity to give you a jump-start.
  • A roll of duct tape is a must for the roadside emergency kit because it can be used to patch hoses or temporarily repair broken parts.

Let our service team at Valley Volkswagen maintain your vehicle so there is little need for the roadside emergency kit.

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